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6 Mar

New book highlights new endemic Palauan birds and migratory bird species

Koror, Palau – The 2016 edition of The State of Palau’s Birds, a book produced by the Belau National Museum with support from Palau Conservation Society (PCS), is now available. This 7th annual publication is a stunning visual display of a few of the 169 resident and migratory bird species of Palau. This year’s book begins with new research about two birds - the Kiuidukall (Palau Cicada Bird) and Cherosech (Rust-capped Kingfisher). Once thought to be widespread outside Palau, these...
23 Feb

PCS inspires youth to protect Palau’s watersheds

Koror, Palau. – Each week since January, fourth and fifth grade students from throughout Palau traveled to Melekeok State to spend the day at Ngardok Nature Reserve through a program sponsored by the Palau Conservation Society (PCS). The program, entitled Nurturing Future Generations of Effective Stewards for Palau’s Watersheds, served nearly 500 students and gave them the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that included an interactive tour of the reserve, tree planting,...
10 Jan

Corporate Partners Make Yearly Contributions

In the month of December last year, Palau Conservation Society received yearly contributions and donation from 11 of its Corporate Partners for Conservation. To be a Corporate Partner for Conservation, businesses are required to pledge their support to the conservation of Palau’s rich and unique marine and terrestrial environment. As part of the CPC pledge, businesses agree to support through monetary contribution of a minimum of $1,000 annually. The CPC contributions ensure the continuation...